Transport Integration Studies

TrafQuest’s expertise and caliber have made it one of the pioneers across Dubai to not only conduct the transport integration studies for some of the most prominent projects, but also help in developing the blueprints for such studies in the incipient stages. Transport integration studies aim at achieving better connectivity among the different modes of transport (metro, bus, marine, taxi, etc.) while promoting the use of efficient and clean modes. This is done through conducting comprehensive surveys for the existing and future conditions, identifying the access and mobility issues experienced by pedestrians, cyclists and other road users, and proposing workable solutions and measures to enhance the inter-modal accessibility and connectivity based on the guidelines introduced in the Dubai Transport Integration Manual (DTIM). At the end of the transport integration study, a Transport Integration and Connectivity Plan (TICP) is created, which combines the integration improvements into a comprehensive plan detailing how the project connects with the pedestrian and cyclist network, which leads ultimately to the public transport nodes and key generators in the area.

Transport Integration Studies
GIS Design & Implementation

GIS Design & Implementation

TrafQuest excels at providing innovative solutions for spatial data processing and GIS design. We have been involved in dozens of projects, each requiring a new, flexible approach and design. Careful attention is paid to needs assessment, project specifications and data, hardware and software requirements.

An initial cost-benefit analysis is often crucial for assessing database design, life cycle costs, staffing requirements and maintenance costs. The process includes developing a detailed project plan, design of the data structure and the production, integration and test of the resulting spatial data.

Availability and distribution of the final data and the internal GIS architecture are meticulously planned. Custom software utilities are often developed to bridge data conversion gaps, reduce barriers and speed data transformation.

Traffic Engineering Onsite/ On Call support

TrafQuest has both the required expertise to provide government agencies with the technical and staff support to provide transportation engineering and design services either on an on-call basis or by providing qualified technical staff to be embedded on the client's site offices. Some of the services provided by TrafQuest in the past include:

  • Feasibility Studies: Conduct technical and commercial feasibility of proposed projects
  • Consultancy Services: Complete and partial traffic and transportation consultancy services
  • Detailed Design: Provide all planning and design aspects including detailed plans, sections and detailed cost estimates required for construction purposes
  • Tender Documents: Coordinate the preparation of tender documents in the required standard format
  • Supervision Services: TrafQuest was also prepared to provide construction supervision services to a variety of ITS projects in the Emirate
Traffic engineering onsite
Professional Training

Professional Training

TrafQuest conducted many professional training courses and hands-on workshops covering various number of roads, transportation and traffic related topics. Through our reputation and wide network of professional connections with renowned experts in the fields of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, TrafQuest is able to provide superior training services even at a short notice. In the past few years, TrafQuest has successfully provided training services to both RTA and DOT employees. Some of the topics covered in these training courses include but not limited to:

  • Highway Management Policies and Procedures
  • Traffic Signal Design and Optimization
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS Design and ITS Architecture)
  • Road Safety Policy and Procedures
  • Connected vehicles (vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure)
  • Value Engineering
  • Access Management